Home Alarm Monitoring For Burglary, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide

 It’s always comforting knowing that someone you trust is looking out for you. With alarm monitored burglar, fire and carbon monoxide protection services from Hawkeye Protection, an increased level of comfort is exactly what you’ll get.

Alarm Monitoring in Action

We design a security system tailored to your needs, maximizing your protection while meeting your lifestyle and budget. Should an emergency occur, an alarm sounds to alert you. At the same time,  24/7 Monitoring Center operators are immediately notified so they can send help. The result is protection that gives you true peace of mind.

Home Alarm Monitoring Features for Burglar Alarms

  • Easy-to-use control panels.
  • Wireless keypads and key chains so you can control your alarm system from anywhere inside or near your house.
  • Motion sensors, door/window contacts and glass break detectors that trigger an audible alarm to ward off intruders.
  • Mobile solutions that let you arm and disarm your system and get notifications on your computer or smartphone.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies that ensure continuous monitoring of your security system.
  • Cellular back-up that prevents weather or other interference with landlines.
  • Award-winning monitoring service so authorities are notified quickly in the event of a break-in.

Home Alarm Monitoring Features for Fire Alarms

  • Home Security experts work with you to map out placement of each smoke detector inside your home to optimize your fire protection.
  • Reliable, accurate smoke detectors save precious seconds in the event of a fire.
  • In addition to an audible alarm, our 24/7 Monitoring Center is alerted to immediately dispatch help, even when you’re not home.

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Our standard monitoring fee is only $17.99 per month

(billed annually). Prefer monthly billing? Its only $19.99!

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